You can submit your stuff to our web submission form at 545fyf3eb5nu4zcecxmr67q25i3tms75og4haqaqtunb6mwpeuelwryd.onion (requires TOR) or by email to We’d be excited to read it and maybe publish it. We have a bunch of tips and thoughts below and we’d appreciate if you read them before submitting.

general tips

You can keep some things in mind when submitting

  • This is a counter info for the area colonially known as british columbia. We may choose to share submissions from elsewhere, but you probably have a local counter info that would be a better choice than us.
  • Including some kind of picture is nice.
  • We may copy edit your submission and we may have to remove pieces for legal reasons.
  • Consider using and sending us a link.

security tips

We work to keep material secure on our end. However, our security won’t help you unless you take steps to protect your own security.

  • Don’t treat us like your friend. We don’t know eachother at all and you shouldn’t trust us.
  • Take some time to consider what you stand to gain from submitting to us and what you could lose. Make sure you are excited or prepared for the potential consequences.
  • Do all your submission steps using TOR browser ( or if not TOR then using a VPN you trust.
  • Use our submission portal (requires TOR) instead of email, this way you don’t need have any email attached to your submission and we take on the responsibility for encryption.
  • If you do use email, create a burner email account just for this. could be a good option. When creating a burner email, if you are required to set a recovery email, use a throwaway. Once you have submitted, don’t use any email you created again.
  • Use a tool like EXIF Purge to remove metadata from any images you submit (
  • Use Tails to draft and submit your content. Do not use something like google docs.

e2e encryption over email

If you use our submission portal your content will be automatically end to end encrypted. Email on the other hand is unencrypted by default.

If you choose to submit via email, you should consider the entire message you send us to be public information. Email is a fundamentally insecure transport method and can easily be intercepted by an actor with enough tools. If you are open to some extra work you can send us end to end encrypted email. This means that the content of the email will be protected, but the metadata (who sent it and when and etc) will still be public.

We accept email encrypted with our PGP public key (included below). There is a list of PGP software available at