creeker zine vol. 3

As the rain finally returns and the temperatures drop, we would like to celebrate the change in season by announcing that Creeker Volume 3 has been released. The variety of submissions over the series has meant that, like the Fairy Creek blockades themselves, each volume is many things. However, slight themes seem to have emerged: if Volume 1 was more celebratory and Volume 2 was more critical, Volume 3 is perhaps more reflective.

The newest installment in the series includes history, poetry, collages, analysis, and reflection, plus a whole section dedicated to the inspiring forest defense currently happening in Atlanta.

The Creeker Companion Vol 2 is out now as well, featuring essays, poetry and communiques, touching on movement history, state repression, vigilantes, and more.

Creeker Vol 4 is slowly being put together and submissions are encouraged. Stories and art are especially welcome, but everything received will be considered. Send submissions to by November 31.

A newly remastered version of a zine coming out of the Elaho blockade of 2001 has also been made available.

Go to to view or print all zines in the series.

Printed copies are available at Camas Books in Victoria and Spartacus Books in Vancouver.

Happy Culvert Season 😉
Direct link to Creeker Vol 3

Direct link to Creeker Companion Vol 2

Direct link to the remastered Elaho zine

You can download this zine from the link above or directly from BC Counter Info below.