submission portal

The submission portal is available at 545fyf3eb5nu4zcecxmr67q25i3tms75og4haqaqtunb6mwpeuelwryd.onion.

The submission portal is a separate onion service for sending content to us end to end encrypted. It runs using entirely free and open source software.

When you make a submission, it is encrypted with our public key on your computer before being sent over the internet. It is roughly equivalent to sending us a PGP encrypted email, but you don’t need to create an email account to do it.

The submission website currently needs to store a session cookie in your browser to function correctly. This is only used for validating the CAPTCHA. Eventually a cookie will not be required for this.

The website requires javascript be enabled. This allows your browser to encrypt the message and send it to us. All the javascript comes from well established open source libraries and is hosted locally on the TOR server.

Encryption is done using which is the same library that uses for their service.