connecting to us

bc counter-info is an onion service with a public facing URL. You can learn about onion services on the TOR website.

Our onion address is bcinfosst3tgmyfar6sessdkpkaxrc5sdjagvxvkbu6z74yhin7e5gid.onion. When you connect via this address your connection is routed over the TOR network directly to our main server. The encryption is terminated on our machine, therefore only our main server and your computer will have access to the network traffic.

Our public internet address is When you connect via this address your computer will connect to our gateway server ( which we rent from 1984 hosting. The encryption of your connection is terminated on the gateway server meaning all your requests will pass through 1984’s equipment unencrypted.

We also host a separate submission portal that is only accessible as an onion service. This can be accessed at 545fyf3eb5nu4zcecxmr67q25i3tms75og4haqaqtunb6mwpeuelwryd.onion